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Eugene Gorbunov

Eugene Gorbunov from Permskaya oblast (Ural Region) had the very serious disease during compulsory military service in the North of Russia.

His kidneys stopped functioning and he became the invalid. For already five years Eugene lives in one of Moscow military hospitals where three times a week endures the 4-hours procedure of haemodialysis. The young man waits a surgical treatment for transplantation of donor kidney. Due to acute shortage of donor organs nobody knows how long he will wait this operation and live out of his family. Eugene is 25 years old now but he is able neither to study or work nor to create his own family.

Annual Report 2002

The activities of the CSMR Union in 2002 were focused on the following directions:

    — campaign for the military reform based on abolishment of obligatory conscription and creation professional armed forces;
    — campaign for peaceful settlement of Chechen conflict;
    — active participation in cooperation with HR NGO and other democratic forces to advocate Human Rights protection goals and development of civic society;
    — developing constructive dialogue between the UCSMR and executive and legislative authorities based on the results of 2001 Civic Forum;
    — enhancing the mechanisms of soldiers protection in court trials.

The practical results of the UCSMR activities on the above mentioned directions see below.